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Recognize the value of bamboo

After the war, highly profitable bamboo shoots were actively cultivated in Japan, and many bamboos were planted. Bamboo has been used for a long time as daily necessities such as uchiwa and colander, furniture, and building materials because it grows quickly, is tough, supple, and can be split into long strips.

However, the increase in imports of cheap bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots from overseas and the emergence of alternatives such as plastics have reduced the demand for domestic bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots. Furthermore, due to the aging of farmers and the decrease in the number of farmers, the number of bamboo forests that are left unmaintained has increased.

Bamboo roots expand and invade the forest, and when the bamboo blocks the light, other trees weaken and die. As a result, birds and insects will also decrease, leading to a decrease in biodiversity. In addition, since the underground stems of bamboo are concentrated in the ground about 30 cm, rainwater does not penetrate deep into the ground, and the underground stems of the abandoned bamboo grove corrode and die, increasing the risk of landslides. I will.

coBam hopes to contribute to the prevention of the bamboo grove problem in a small way by re-recognizing the value of bamboo and making effective use of it.

Coordination with Bamboo

The epidemic of the new coronavirus has discouraged long-distance travel and eating out, making it impossible to travel and eat as before. I feel that my lifestyle has changed dramatically and I have more opportunities to naturally think about what I need. In such a changing environment, many people may be reminded of the value of having fun with their loved ones at the dining table.

I sincerely hope that by coordinating the dining table with high-quality domestic green bamboo, we can help many people spend "irreplaceable time with their loved ones."

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