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As a new sanctuary of Hiroshima sake

It is generally said that hard water is suitable for sake brewing, but most of the water in Hiroshima is soft water, and it was thought that it was not suitable for sake brewing.


In 1897, Mr. Senzaburo Miura devised a completely original "soft water brewing method" and succeeded in producing "Hiroshima sake" which is soft and mellow. Currently, more than 40 sake breweries continue to make soulful sake in Hiroshima.


We want more people to enjoy the soft and tasty Hiroshima sake called "woman sake". With that in mind, we started SAKEbar Cofro in the back of Kagurazaka on December 2, 2019.


A little away from the main street of Kagurazaka, Tokyo, it is a space where you can relax and be free from the bustle of the city.

Please enjoy a relaxing time with carefully selected sake and foods.




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