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A hideaway bar specializing in Hiroshima sake where you can feel the depth of sake

Our bar serves Sake from Hiroshima based on the concept of "experiencing sake culture".
Hiroshima is a sacred place of sake with Saijo, which has been famous as one of Japan's three major breweries. Please experience the gentle and tasteful sake that can be brewed only in Hiroshima, which has rich mountains and sea and high-quality soft water.

We also have whiskey, gin, shochu, fruit liquor, etc. from Hiroshima.
We offer snacks related to Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea, such as oysters pickled in oil, salted fish, pickled Hiroshima vegetables, and debera.

Please enjoy delicious Hiroshima sake at the calm hideaway BAR in Oku Kagurazaka.



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we want you to experience the charm of sake more
We have delicious sake and foods, mainly those related to Hiroshima and Setouchi.
When to drink sake
​ I want you to enjoy it more
The concept of tokuri is "a vessel that enhances the time you drink and makes it more enjoyable." In pursuit of functionality and design, we are developing simple but somehow cute vessels that you will always want to use.
Coordinate the dining table with high quality domestic bamboo
coBam is a service that coordinates dining tables and banquets using high-quality domestic green bamboo. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as sake sets, cooking plates, and candle holders.
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